2023 carbon capture update

Benjamin Burrows

Managing Director

2023 carbon capture update

2023 marks Holywell's 10th year supporting the Woodland Trust's Carbon Capture® scheme. See what, with our customers' help, we've achieved so far...

The Woodland Trust's Carbon Capture scheme allows us to mitigate the COemissions generated by the production, storage, and distribution of the paper we use. A levy is applied to the paper we buy, and this is paid directly to the Woodland Trust, funding tree planting and conservation projects across the UK.

We've been members of the Carbon Capture scheme since 2014 and we're always keen to share news of the programme's impact. Thanks to you, our climate-conscious customers, we're making a real difference.

infographic of achsievements in tree planted, woodland created and carbon captured through the Woodland Trust's carbon captured paper scheme

printing sustainably 

Of course, the Carbon Capture scheme also allows customers' printed communications to carry a positive message. The Woodland Trust's Carbon Capture logo is a simple and effective way to celebrate printing as sustainable, and it can be applied to anything printed on Carbon Capture paper.

The Woodland Trust has three main aims – to protect ancient and valuable woodland habitats, to restore the ecology of existing woodlands, and to create new quality woodland. Its mission is to plant 50 million trees across the UK by 2030. Download the Carbon Capture 2022 Impact Report to find out more about the progress we're making.

If you’d like to find out more about printing on Carbon Capture paper and how you can adopt a greener approach to printed communications, call us on 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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