new printing press sets up holywell for future success

Benjamin Burrows

Managing Director

new printing press sets up holywell for future success

Holwell Press is looking forward to a bright future, increasing printing capacity and delivering faster turnarounds with a new state-of-the-art Heidelberg Speedmaster lithographic press.

smarter printing with the heidelberg cx-75

In early October, Holywell will be commissioning a new 4-colour lithographic press from market leader Heidelberg. The Speedmaster CX-75 press – featuring in Heidelberg’s most technologically advanced range of printing presses – will dramatically increase the Oxford printing company’s capacity and deliver high-quality results for clients.

The Heidelberg CX-75 Lithographic PressCopyright by Heidelberger Druckmashinen AG

Key to Holywell’s investment in the new press are the benefits it brings to customers, including:

  • faster turnaround printing

An intuitive touch-screen interface and state-of-the-art technology mean print jobs can be set up and transitioned quickly and easily. This makes litho printing smaller print runs cost-effective. Additionally, built-in UV drying removes any delay between printing and finishing making it possible to offer same-day litho printing.

  • sharper printed images and more tactile product

The inclusion of UV drying within the press also means ink has less time to be absorbed into the paper, so:

  • printed images retain more life and vibrancy, especially when printing on uncoated paper

  • there’s no need to varnish or coat the paper to seal the ink, resulting in a more tactile product.

  • printing with less waste

With more accuracy in the setup and completion of every job, Holywell will be able to deliver great quality 4-colour printing with less waste in terms of paper and ink and using less energy on each job.

The Heidelberg press production line
Copyright by Heidelberger Druckmashinen AG

Holywell’s Managing Director, Ben Burrows, says, “We’re really excited about the opportunities the Speedmaster creates. Many of our customers want a more ‘environmentally friendly’ product and prefer to print on uncoated or recycled paper. The new machine can print on a wide range of substrate materials and the difference in colour reproduction and image quality is significant. Added to this, faster turnaround times mean we’ll be able to offer affordable lithographic printing on runs of 150+ multi-page documents, rather than defaulting these short runs to the digital presses.”

Holywell is planning a customer event at the end of November to celebrate the new press’s installation and showcase the high-quality results and improved print quality it offers. If you would like to join the guest list, please call 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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