why long-term relationships benefit customers as much as suppliers

Benjamin Burrows

Managing Director

why long-term relationships benefit customers as much as suppliers

As Holywell Press celebrates its 130th anniversary this year - surviving two world wars, the Great Depression and the Spanish Flu pandemic - I am reassured that our policy of building long-term customer relationships will see Holywell and its customers through the current Coranavirus pandemic.

Holywell Press people past and present

Some of Holywell Press’s customers have been loyal for over half a century

Last week, when we delivered some signs to Wytham Woods, Nigel Fisher showed me this guide that they are thinking of reprinting. We printed this book for Wytham way back in 1955. It came with a map of the woods and we still have the metal plate from which the map was produced on proud display in the entrance to the Press.

Notes on the history of Wytham Estate and map of estate with original printing plate

Over more than six decades we have produced a plethora of materials for Wytham, ranging from signs, banners and labels to leaflets, posters and booklets. They have come to rely on our creativity and design skills to translate their ideas into reality in a way that will successfully engage with their audiences.

Hand-drawn pen illustrations of moth, owl, badger, blue tit and deer by Grace IronsideIllustrations by Grace Ironside here at Holywell, for use in Wytham Woods’ 75th anniversary celebration materials.

Page spread from Wytham Woods 75th Anniversary programme booklet

Pages from Wytham Woods’ 75th-anniversary events programme designed and printed by Holywell Press.

As Nigel Fisher, Conservator of Wytham Woods, puts it:

“Over the years, Holywell Press has been a reliable foundation upon which we have been able to build engagement with our audiences.

The consistent support and quality service from Holywell Press have enabled us to pursue weird and wonderful ideas, safe in the knowledge that the team at Holywell will come up with the design solutions to make them a reality. We value having such a strong relationship with a local business and look forward to working with them on further publications and designs in the decades to come.”

The customer benefit of long-standing supplier relationships

Building solid and long-standing customer relationships has as many benefits for our customers as it does for us. It is not something that Holywell or any company can take for granted and is only achievable on the back of offering the best quality service and reliability. Our customers appreciate Holywell’s devotion to transparent pricing and the reliable delivery of creative print and design on time and on budget.

Getting to know a customer and their particular needs does take time, but it is something that Holywell appreciates the value of. For a customer, by using a long-term supplier you can be reassured that they already have a good understanding of your business and its particular requirements.

Adding value at all stages builds customer loyalty

Our customers can depend on a company with years of experience and expertise. This means that they can be sure that the advice we offer them in terms of print and design will have their best interests at heart and not just our bottom line. They can also be sure that we will seek to add value at every stage of a project.

Even when we are printing artwork produced elsewhere, our studio staff pay close attention to checking it for any likely issues arising from, for instance, low-resolution images, RGB rather than CMYK colours, or missing or substituted fonts. We will also alert customers to less obvious potential problems, for instance, lines that may be too fine to print well, that may otherwise lead to disappointment. Our keen-eyed designers have also been known to spot typos that would otherwise undermine the effectiveness of any communication.

When you commission work with Holywell you are not simply pressing print.

If you too can see the benefits of a long-term business relationship with a trusted supplier who will offer the best in creativity and value, please call 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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