how to get your book printed | a holywell guide

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how to get your book printed | a holywell guide

Congratulations! Your dream of publishing a book is almost realised! You’ve written the content and found images to include, so the hard work is done. But how do you go about printing your book?

The Dragon Who Had No Fire

self-publishing checklist

There are a few things to consider when self-publishing:

  • does the text need checking and typesetting, or is it ready for print? do you have the imagery or illustrations you need to keep readers engaged?

If your text is as you wrote it, for example in a Word document, it still needs to be prepared for print. At this stage, we will confirm the layout of the text, and check the quality and position of images within the book. Our design team can help you source images if required, and if you need help from a copy editor or professional proofreader, we’ll point you in the right direction. And before the printing presses roll, we’ll provide you with a printed proof of your book for your peace of mind.

  • how big will your book be? will it sit neatly on the bookshelf or add a wow factor to coffee tables? and how many pages should it have?

We can print books of almost any size, so this one is really up to you and your personal preferences. For example, if you have written a children’s book with beautiful illustrations it might be nice to go for a larger size to showcase them. The number of pages will not only affect the cost of printing your book but also the spine width. If you want your book to stand out on a bookshelf, it’s important to get the dimensions right.

  • how will your book feel?

Books are tactile so consideration for book design is important. The type of paper and binding you choose for your book will give quite different results.

There’s a vast choice when it comes to paper and we’ll take time to guide you through your options. If your book contains colourful images, the smooth surface of a coated paper will ensure they look their best. Uncoated papers are more tactile and provide a softer look and feel, but images will not be as sharp. The weight of paper used to print your book will also affect the finish – heavier paper may make each page feel nicer but will alter the thickness of the book. For a detailed description of paper types, take a look at our guide to paper.

A perfect-bound or paperback book is the most cost-effective self-publishing option and can look great with a well-designed cover. However, perfect-bound books are not as robust as sewn or hardback books, which can be bound in printed covers, cloth, or even leather. For more on different print finishes read our article on print finishes that make a lasting impression.

If you are unsure about any aspect of book printing, don’t worry, a good-quality printer will be able to help. Creating your book has been a labour of love and it’s completely natural for you to want the best result from your self-publishing venture.

Take a look at some of the self-published books we’ve helped to create, and if you have any questions about a self-publishing project, please call 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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