why paper packaging is the natural choice

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why paper packaging is the natural choice

Packaging says a lot about a brand, and the organisation behind it. Often overlooked, printed paper packaging can provide a way to minimise your organisation’s carbon footprint and create instant appeal with environmentally conscious consumers.

Recently, we helped our client, Clare Davis, develop branded paper packaging for her small business’s flagship product, the Bottlesoc. This was an interesting project for the Holywell team, as we not only needed to recommend the best recycled packaging board for the job, but we also needed to get creative with the packaging design and construction.

Recycled packaging for Bottlesoc

Bottlesoc’s elegantly simple 100% recycled product packaging

Clare wanted to create environmentally friendly packaging to reflect the sustainable ethos of her business. It’s easy to see other forward-thinking organisations moving away from plastic to more sustainable packaging options. The National Trust, for example, has switched from plastic plant pots to those made from organic coconut fibres. Even fast-food giant Mcdonald's is advertising the circular nature of its packaging.

why switch to paper packaging

So what’s the driving force to change product packaging? While most companies are taking active steps to reduce their environmental impact, a 2020 survey by paper industry lobbyists, Two Sides, and research company, Toluna, found that consumers are also adapting their purchasing behaviours to reflect shifting environmental preferences. The survey reports that 70% of consumers are actively taking steps to reduce their use of plastic packaging. Nearly half (48%) of consumers would even avoid retailers that are not actively trying to reduce their use of non-recyclable packaging.1

Another study suggests that 75% of European consumers say the environmental impact of product packaging affects their decision-making process. 77% said they would pay more for a product if it came in more sustainable packaging, with one in five willing to pay 10% or more extra.2

The good news is that paper packaging can provide a robust and environmentally friendly packaging alternative for most things. Paper is made from wood fibre, a natural and renewable material sourced from sustainably managed forests, which is also very recyclable. European paper recycling rates currently stand at 83% (the highest of any packaging material), with the European paper packaging industry aiming to reach an ambitious recycling rate of 90% by 2030.

Point of sale stand for The Military Mutual      Slip case packaging for Sophos

Point of sale display for The Military Mutual and a two-part slipcase for Sophos.

Paper and board can be used to create all sorts of cleverly constructed and hard-wearing packaging. From point-of-sale display stands to document folders, boxes, slipcases, and wallets, Holywell Press has years of experience developing paper-based packaging solutions. Whether you want something made from 100% recycled packaging board or colourful printed packaging, we can help you create a custom packaging design, develop packaging prototypes, and produce beautifully crafted packaging you can be proud of.

Printed folder for St Clares Oxford

St Clare’s, Oxford switched from printed plastic to
printed board for their document wallets

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1 Two Sides & Toluna, European Packaging Preferences, 2020
2 Pro Carton, European Consumer Packaging Perceptions Study, 2018

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