bring in more visitors using professionally printed brochures

Ken Smale

Business Development Director

bring in more visitors using professionally printed brochures

Well printed and carefully designed brochures remain an importartant element of marketing collateral despite the popularity of online marketing. They are collectible items that live longer in the memories of those who receive them or pick them up than a tweet or website visit.

The programme brochure that Holywell has been producing for the Witney Music Society’s Winter Concert Season for the past three years is a case in point. Two years ago, the Witney Music Society realised they needed to use a professional printing company to produce their 50-year anniversary season programme. A talented designer had already produced a handsome layout, but where to go for the final flourish? The designer had worked with myself at Holywell Press previously and so made the call, and the rest is history…

Witney Music Society programme

This is now the third year Witney Music Society has used Holywell Press. The programme includes details of the classical music performers, many of whom have won prestigious awards and the dates and timings of all the performances. Winter Concerts 2017 – 2018 is an A5 portrait, 16-page, self-cover, saddle-stitched, full colour booklet and is currently being distributed. You can get a copy via the Witney Music Society website and book your tickets too. This year the design and layout were brought in-house and it was overseen by our lead designer, Toby Matthews.

Jean Richards of the Society, kindly talks to us about the service we provided.

‘Our audience size last season ranged from about 120 through to more than 200. Since the launch of the new brochure for the Society's 50th anniversary, we've enjoyed two highly successful seasons of concerts; there are undoubtedly several reasons for this success but we're sure that having a professionally designed and printed brochure has made a significant contribution to raising the Society's profile.

My main contacts at Holywell Press are Ken Smale and, this year for the first time, designer Toby Matthews but everyone that I've dealt with at Holywell has been unfailingly helpful and professional. Ken communicates well and ensures that every aspect of the job is handled efficiently. Toby has dealt with the design issues in a most helpful and efficient way, taking careful note of comments and queries, and sending revisions promptly.’

We always look forward to the summer phone call from Jean, giving us details of the new season of concerts. The copy was normally provided to us ‘almost ready’ for print and we turn around the brochures within just a few days of receiving the initial enquiry, including personal delivery to one of the Society members. This year, however, the original designer was unable to design the brochure so our in-house studio, led by Toby Matthews, stepped into the breach and the Society has been delighted with the results.

These elegant, yet effective brochures are perfect examples of how a professionally designed and printed brochure can bolster the efforts of those involved in putting on events such as music concerts and festivals, fund-raising dinners, and family-friendly activity days.

If you would like to see the kind of growth in visitors to your event that Witney Music Society has seen over the last few years, please call 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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