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Benjamin Burrows

Managing Director

tell your printed communications' sustainability story

The Love Paper® campaign is enabling organisations around the world to say something powerful and positive about their paper-based communications. It carries clear and defensible messages of print sustainability for the brands that use it.

The Woodland Trust's Carbon Capture™ Scheme is an impactful and popular way to say something positive about the sustainability of printed communications. Here's another great way to celebrate your paper-based communications and paper packaging.

tell print's sustainability story

Love Paper® is a global campaign that promotes the sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper, and paper-based packaging.

Love Paper logo

Run by not-for-profit Two Sides, the campaign aims to inform consumers about the environmentally positive qualities of paper, print, and paper packaging – from its environmental credentials to its ability to aid learning.

why paper-based communications should be celebrated

Paper is renewable, recyclable, and the natural support of new ideas and creativity.

Love Paper presents powerful facts about the sustainable nature of the paper industry in a simple and consumer-friendly way. Adopted by companies like Sainsbury's and Oliver Bonas, the campaign is currently reaching more than 20 million UK consumers every month through national newspaper and magazine advertising, social media, and Its key sustainability messages explain paper and paper packaging’s high recycling rates – the highest of any material in the world – and the industry’s impact on the growth of forested areas across Europe.

Love Paper recycling rate factographic

Love Paper forest growth factographic

who can use the love paper logo?

The Love Paper logo can be used by environmentally-minded organisations keen to demonstrate that they print sustainably. It can be applied to any paper products manufactured from sustainably sourced virgin or recycled cellulose fibre, provided the products are also readily recyclable. 

By using the Love Paper logo on your paper-based marketing and paper packaging, you’ll connect with Love Paper’s national advertising and social media campaign. You’ll also let your customers know that you’re making fact-based and sustainable choices about your communications and product packaging. Download the Love Paper Campaign information sheet to find out more and check the qualification criteria.

join the love paper campaign

If you would like to join the Love Paper campaign, we’d be delighted to help you incorporate the Love Paper logo into your materials. Get in touch on 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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