holywell joins two sides membership

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holywell joins two sides membership

Holywell Press has joined Two Sides, the print and paper industry’s global advocate for improving standards and practices and enhancing customer confidence in the graphic communication supply chain.

understanding the environmental impact of print

Founded in 2008, Two Sides is a not-for-profit, global initiative promoting the unique sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper, and paper packaging. Its mission is to dispel common environmental misconceptions, inspiring and educating businesses and consumers about the sustainability of the paper and print industry.

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The Two Sides initiative sets out to meet growing societal appetite for understanding the environmental impact of the products and services we buy in our daily lives. By presenting the facts about paper and paper packaging in a clear and accessible way to both B2B and B2C audiences, Two Sides works to ensure that print, paper, and paper packaging remains an essential and acceptable communication medium.

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holywell's sustainable printing future

Holywell Press has long upheld its own mission for sustainability and low environmental impact. In 2012, Managing Director, Ben Burrows, installed solar panels on the factory roof to power operations and feed the national grid. In 2014, the company began using Carbon Captured paper, donating £8.50 per tonne of paper used to the Woodland Trust to plant new UK woodland. To date, Holywell has enabled over 1,100 trees to be planted, creating around 6,900 m2 of new woodland and capturing 276 tonnes of CO2.

“Joining Two Sides is a natural step for Holywell Press,” according to Holywell’s Managing Director, Ben Burrows. “Environmental impact is as much a concern for our customers as it is for us. Even in today’s digital world, there’s still demand for print, and ways to deliver it sustainably. It makes absolute sense to support the organisation that is helping to inform the public about the sustainable nature of the print and paper industries.”

Holywell Press will be making good use of Two Sides’ campaign materials over the coming months. Make sure you follow Holywell on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to learn more about sustainable printing from myth-busting videos and infographics.

If you would like to find out more about how to make your next printing project more sustainable, please call 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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