top tips for christmas card printing

Benjamin Burrows

Managing Director

top tips for christmas card printing

The end of the year presents an opportunity to say thank you and show appreciation to those who mean something special to us. For many, Christmas cards are a traditional way to send season’s greetings and good wishes for the year ahead. So what makes the best custom Christmas cards?

It may still feel like weeks (or even months) away, but the festive season is just around the corner. And there’s no time like the present to start making plans.

Here are our top tips to get your Christmas card printing right.

1.    create custom christmas cards that reflect your personality

christmas card design

The image on your Christmas cards says a lot about your personal style or corporate brand. A family portrait is a popular choice for personal Christmas cards and can be anything from a formal photoshoot to a snap that captures a memory or event from the past year. Original artwork by children or adults is also easily turned into greeting cards.

Company Christmas cards should complement your brand personality. This card still makes us smile. It was printed for a fun-loving IT security company a few years back and depicts computer bugs getting into the Christmas spirit.

Fun monster Christmas card

Every year, we print Christmas cards for many of the Oxford Colleges. These have a range of image styles – from photographs of snowy quads to stained glass and religious artifacts – as well as original illutrations and watercolours by Holywell’s resident illustrator, Grace.

Christmas cards for Oxford Colleges

christmas card production

Once you’ve chosen your image, there are a few more important considerations: What’s the best size for a Christmas card? What paper should a Christmas card be printed on? What greeting should it carry?

Sticking to a standard size, such as A6 or A5, will keep production costs down – and make sourcing envelopes easier – but it may not deliver the ‘Wow!’ factor you’re after, or make the most of your Christmas card design. Anything is possible and we can source envelopes in a range of shapes and sizes or create custom-made envelopes for your cards.

With an estimated one billion Christmas cards sent each year in the UK, it makes sense to choose paper and print finishes with the environment in mind. 100% recycled board is a popular choice for greeting cards and using Carbon Captured Paper funds the planting of native UK trees by The Woodland Trust. By printing the Carbon Captured Paper logo on the back of your card, along with a reminder to recycle after use, you’ll let recipients know that you’ve taken a sustainable approach to Christmas card printing.

Carbon Capture paper logo

A simple typed message inside your printed Christmas cards will convey season’s greetings and other useful information, such as when your business will be closed over the festive period. Where it’s not practical to handwrite or sign every card, signatures can also be printed inside.

2.    support good causes with printed christmas cards

Around £50 million a year is raised for good causes from the sale of charity Christmas cards in the UK. But often only a tiny fraction of the price paid for cards bought from high street retailers ends up in the hands of the charities they support.

Edge Housing logo

This year, Holywell Press is donating £10 to Edge Housing for every order of 200+ printed Christmas cards. Holywell Press is a Corporate Ambassador for the Oxford-based homeless charity which works to provide safe homes, support, and a future for the city’s homeless and vulnerable. Customers can include an imprint statement on the back of their cards to acknowledge support for the charity.

3. make sure your christmas cards arrive in good time

when’s the best time to send christmas cards?

December is always a busy month, with school plays, parties, and festive events. It’s also a short work month thanks to the Bank holidays between Christmas and New Year, and many people choose to take an extended holiday around the festive period. If you want to guarantee your company's Christmas cards are received before recipients switch off for the year, it’s best to post to UK addresses during the first week of December.

If you’re planning to send Christmas cards internationally, give yourself more time. The Royal Mail lists the latest posting date for Christmas 2022 delivery to the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, and Anguilla as Friday 7th October! For most international destinations, your cards should be in the mail in early December to guarantee arrival by the 25th.

when’s the best time to print christmas cards?

It really depends on whether you have a design ready to go, or you’d like help with a custom Christmas card. At the very latest, we’d recommend your Christmas card production is well underway by mid-November.

Get in touch to see samples and get inspiration from our library of recently printed Christmas cards. For a free, no-obligation quote for Christmas cards, 2023 calendars, diaries, and other seasonal printing, call 01865 242098 or contact us using the button below.

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